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“COMING SOON”—10 Ways to Get Butts in Seats Before Your Doors Even Open

For many of us, the phrase “Pre-Sale” may conjure up memories of a temporary office space with signage, a rendering of the new gym structure that’s ‘coming soon,’ and an eager salesperson ready sign people up at a special introductory rate. I give that effort one big YAWN!

To effectively pre-market your program in today’s noisy, highly distracted world, you need a multifaceted, creative, consistent and early approach. Whether you’re a start-up, or you’re launching a new program within an existing club, the sky is the limit, in terms of how you can effectively pre-market your program.

Here are 10 proven-to-work Pre-Sale Strategies that have been employed by RealRyder® Indoor Cycling Program Owners at least 90 days prior to launch. With 1-2 bikes in hand, these go-getter business pros not only caught the attention of their local community, they also generated some impressive membership sales before their doors were officially open:

  1. Recruit instructors who have a following, and who show active, daily engagement on various social media channels.

  2. If your location is still under construction and inaccessible to the public, find a temporary space or “pop-up shop” location to start offering a sampling of your classes. This will also allow your instructors to start building that essential bond with your future clientele.

  3. Take advantage of the visual nature that RealRyder Bikes offer. Seek out locations with high-visibility, including local fitness/health events, to showcase your instructors leading a synchronized ride and watch the heads turn!

  4. Lead experiential demos in high-traffic locations and offer a limited time deal that’s exclusive to your first 100 inaugural members.

  5. Don’t wait for your web site to be done. Start promoting online now by leveraging the power of SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to boost word-of-mouth marketing and to also run affordable, highly targeted ads that will grab your target market.

  6. Video is king. When it comes to advertising, nothing showcases the differentiation of the RealRyder Bikes over traditional stationary bikes than video. If your location has passing foot-traffic, set-up a large monitor in your window and play a continuous loop promo video.

  7. Pound the pavement. “I walked door-to-door and introduced myself to all of my neighbors,” one start-up owner recently told us. Wear your brand everywhere you go, and blanket the town in well-designed pre-sale collateral that sets the tone of a high-quality boutique that’s opening soon.

  8. While instructors play a big role in promotions, they’re certainly not your only promotional voice. Educate your entire staff—from your sales team to your front desk to trainers, you name it—about the benefits and versatility of the RealRyder Bikes and make online/offline promotions part of their job responsibilities.

  9. Offer “Rookie Rides,” a shorter 30-minute introductory session for beginner riders who may be nervous or intimidated by RealRyder Cycling (or Indoor Cycling in general). Educate them about the functional training benefits while progressing them slowly so they feel comfortable and successful, as you build that critical coach-client relationship.

  10. The power and influence of podcasts continues to rise. You don’t need to be a best-selling author to have one. Start your own studio/club podcast to keep members informed, inspired and connected to your fitness community when they’re outside the club walls.

By Jackie Mendes, Director, RealRyder® International LLC and ACE-Certified Group Fitness Instructor & NASM-CPT. A special thanks to Barbara Bennett, Owner, Velocity Cycling; William Shternfeld, Owner of Cycle & Cryo Zone; Michael Jahnl, Co-Owner The Athlete Lab; and countless other RealRyder Program Owners who’ve pushed the envelope to make themselves known!

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