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The Spirit of Giving 365 Days a Year

With the spirit of giving in the air, we wanted to spotlight one studio that has been contributing to its community tirelessly all year round. Power Ryde, Cincinnati’s premiere RealRyder Cycle Studio, has been staying true to its mission to “support the people who support us” since they opened their doors in 2013. Whether it's one of their ongoing FUNdraiser Rides to benefit a family in need or a local charity, the celebration of a member’s birthday, the achievement of someone’s weight loss goals, a new job, the arrival of a baby--or acknowledging the loss of a family member, Power Ryde is a community of people who listen, love and support each other through thick and through thin.

And, thanks to their devotion to community, Power Ryde was recently honored with the Health & Wellness Business of the Year Award from their city’s Chamber of Commerce. Check it out!

The Owners

It all starts at the top with owners Meg and Casey Hilmer, a mother-and-daughter power duo. "I wanted Power Ryde to feel like a family from the start. People come here not only for the workout, but also to address their mental and emotional challenges,” says Casey.

“Everyone has a story,” says Meg. “We do our very best to listen and find ways to help people overcome the challenges in their lives. We have people who will drive 30+ minutes to come here because the community atmosphere is just infectious.”

Those individual stories of personal struggle start with Casey Hilmer herself, who survived a horrific stabbing as a young girl and has since used that traumatic experience to empower others to achieve their personal best. Her story fuels that magnetic energy she is known for, as both an instructor and a leader in the community. Click here to watch a local Cincinnati TV news segment featuring Casey’s personal story and her development of PowerRyde.

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