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Press Releases

International fashion and celebrity photography duo, Markus&Koala, are unveiling a new series of photography, highlighting the latest in fashion and fitness innovations. The images capture the art of self reinvention and are now available to customers of participating brands, most notably, RealRyder® International, makers of the un-stationary RealRyder Indoor Cycle, and global photography and imaging company, Fujifilm.

Body-tech Corporation, the preeminent full-service health club with 140+ locations spanning across three Latin American countries (Colombia, Peru and Chile), has announced the launch of its first RealRyder Indoor Cycling Program in Bogota. Known for the “un-stationary” multi-planar movement that allows riders to better simulate outdoor riding mechanics, the RealRyder Bikes are providing Bodytech members with a more premium indoor cycling experience.

"There are two things that really stand out about the class. First are the Real Ryder bikes, which are designed to move – you’ll be asked to use your core strength (and not your body weight) to tilt them left to right. Secondly, there’s a variety of data to analyse after your ride, from your average speed to heart rate, if you wear a monitor – very useful if you’re training for an event."

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