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Colombia-based Bodytech Corporation Unveils a New Era of Indoor Cycling for Its Members


Bogota, Colombia – November 17, 2015

Bodytech Corporation, the preeminent full-service health club with 140+ locations spanning across three Latin American countries (Colombia, Peru and Chile), has announced the launch of its first RealRyder® Indoor Cycling Program in Bogota. Known for the “un-stationary” multi-planar movement that allows riders to better simulate outdoor riding mechanics, the RealRyder Bikes are providing Bodytech members with a more premium indoor cycling experience. Members will reap the many biomechanical, metabolic and functional training benefits that cannot be achieved using a conventional (“fixed”) indoor bike. (A video showcasing the program can be viewed here.)

The cosmopolitan health club brand--which is the 20th largest fitness company in the world, according to IHRSA—has partnered with United States-based indoor bike maker, RealRyder® International LLC, to roll out additional RealRyder Group Cycling Programs at elite Bodytech locations, providing high-value members with the latest in indoor cycle design available on the market today. Pablo Jacobsen, Regional Chief Marketing Officer of Bodytech Corporation, sees this as a strategic move to not only improve the member workout experience, but also to attract new members and improve attrition rates in a highly-competitive fitness market.

“Bodytech has a reputation for providing the best modern-day training equipment and classes in Latin America. We’re excited to be the first full-service club to bring members into this innovational and exciting era of indoor cycling,” says Jacobsen. “Our RealRyder Classes in Bogota officially launched in September and we have already added more classes and clubs to the schedule. Members are quickly becoming addicted!”



About Bodytech

Bodytech is a sports and medical club created in 1997 by Nicolas Loaiza and Gigliola Aycardi as part of their graduation project for the University of the Andes in Bogota, Colombia. Currently, it has more than 72 locations in Colombia, 17 in Peru, 44 in Chile, and is coming soon to Central America. Its aim is to improve the quality of community life through physical exercise and healthy products that allow members to perform sports, daily activities--and to look and feel better. It also has spaces that are designed and designated for each activity, including medical offices where clinical and nutritional assessments are carried out, in addition to group fitness, Pilates reformer sessions, indoor cycling programming, cardiovascular and strength training areas, and wet areas with sauna and Turkish baths along with locker rooms and stretch areas.

About RealRyder International LLC

RealRyder® International LLC, headquartered in Santa Monica, California, is the first developer of the world's “un-stationary” indoor bike. Led by a team with more than 120 combined years of fitness industry experience, RealRyder® International LLC is revolutionizing indoor cycling with the RealRyder® ABF8 – a superior performance indoor bike that meets the needs of the elite-cyclist or gym member for training and performance. The RealRyder® ABF8 vision began 15 years ago when competitive cyclist and RealRyder® International CEO and co-founder, Colin Irving, saw a need to improve the performance of the stationary bike to simulate the real bike experience. Now thriving in more than 50 countries worldwide, RealRyder International serves health clubs, boutique cycling/yoga/Pilates & personal training studios, physical therapists, rehabilitation and wellness facilities, professional athletic training centers, colleges/universities, and all branches of the U.S. Military. RealRyder International’s progressive education programs, led by Douglas Brooks, M.S., have reached thousands of cycling instructors across the globe. For more information about RealRyder International LLC, please visit

Media Contact:

Jackie Mendes, Director

RealRyder® International LLC

Ph. 800-976-6280

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