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"...Black Sheep is equipped with state-of-the-art RealRyder indoor cycles. At first , they might they may look like your run-of-the-mill indoor stationary bikes, but RealRyder's greatest distinction is thatit venables riders to actually tilt, lean and rock the bike - resulting in a workout that not only targets your hamstrings and glutes, but your quads, entire midsection, triceps, shoulders and back as well."

Lisa Symek

"RealRyder bikes will have you rethinking how cycling should actually be,” said Revolve Fitness owner, Tarah Timothee who co-owns the business with her partner, Scott Sloane, a retired fire captain at Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, and a current nurse practitioner...."

Jen Russo

"Musico would have Elliott pedal full throttle on the Real Ryder for 30 seconds, then after a 30-second light breather, Musico may call out, “Bike right!” which would then prompt Elliott to shift the bike to his right for 30 seconds. By now his core is fully engaged and quads in flames..."

Jeff Tomko, Muscle & Fitness

“Representing the latest and most advanced development in the global indoor cycling innovation trend, Infinite Cycle is powered by the market-leading technology of the RealRyder indoor bikes, which, combined with immersive virtual reality technology, are set to transform Australians’ exercise and leisure routines.”


Gym Click Media

“But luckily her trainer, Ary Nuñez, a Nike-sponsored athlete with several black belts, is there to keep those multimillion-dollar “guns and gams” camera-ready. Nuñez parked the pop star—whose figure she describes as “Nicole Kidman meets J.Lo”—on a RealRyder (a spinning bike with handlebars that move laterally) to strengthen her core.”



If you’re considering the integration of technology to track and display performance metrics (e.g. HR%, RPMs, Watts, kCals) in your RealRyder Cycling Classes, we have some good news for you! You can take your pick from a variety of popular hardware/software platforms currently on the market—because RealRyder Bikes pair seamlessly with any one of them.


Jackie Mendes

"Although indoor training bikes are a great way to get in shape, they don't do a great job of reproducing the feeling of actually being outdoors...."


“The 45-minute class hadn’t even begun and I was already feeling the burn. The RealRyder, the bike maneuvers and turns just like an actual road bike, and demands both physical and mental energy to stay balanced. ”



"While attending the International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association convention last week, I was roped into a 20-minute spin class on a RealRyder bike. Even though I was in my jeans, I knew this was a piece of equipment I wanted to check out. It is a spin bike that moves side to side, which mimics banking a turn on a road bike."


Pop Sugar

"It features an articulating system that bends and flexes to allow the use of different muscle groups for improved balance, and provide a strong core and greater workout..."


Gear Culture

"Cyclists who prefer speeding in spin classes can get pumped with this new twist on the stationary bike — it’s not stationary!"


Mary Huhn, NY Post

"It has been more than 20 years since Johnny G introduced Spinning® and transformed the stationary bike from a solo piece of cardio equipment into a new group-fitness phenomenon called indoor cycling. The Spinning bike’s design, with the heavy flywheel, chain drive and friction resistance, offered a pedaling experience that mimicked that of an actual road bike."


Todd Galati, MA, American Council on Exercise

"There’s only one way to sum up a RealRyder cycling class: It’s the real deal! What’s REAL about this class is that the bike moves side to side. Like a real bike!"


Fit Bottom Girls

“This is the future of indoor cycling,” Ellen said. “When I got on these bikes, I knew I could never go back. This is what will replace all indoor stationary bikes eventually.”

Long Island Pulse

"Stationary exercise bikes have definitely improved over the years, but a company called RealRyder is hoping to take things one step further with the ABF8..."


Oh Gizmo

"Picture indoor cycling but on a bike (called a RealRyder) that pivots side to side so you can lean into twisting trails, just like on an alfresco ride (you might feel like you're outside, too, in this studio of wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows!). Twice, you'll crank the resistance to slow-pedal while you do 15-minute lifting sessions with 3-pound weights."


"It’s as easy as riding a bike, but with a twist. Or shall we say, with a tilt. RealRyder takes the “stationary” out of stationary bikes, allowing cyclists to lean, turn, steer, and balance. The design engages more muscles than a normal stationary bike, without taking a toll on joints."


San Diego Magazine

"We were exhausted just watching the pair, but they seemed like naturals navigating the bikes — and they actually looked like they were having fun! For more information on RealRyder classes, check out the Sweat Therapy Fitness website..."


Tallahassee Magazine

I’m biking on a wide road in Tucson, and an S.U.V. passes me as I try to catch up to my team, pedaling ahead on the shoulder next to cactuses and other desert shrubbery. I lean sideways into the turn, clenching my abs as I balance.


New York Times

"Bend Studios is the only facility in the state of Arkansas with the incredible RealRyder indoor bikes for spin classes. The bikes, created by cyclist Colin Irving, allow riders to lean, turn, steer and balance in a way that has never been possible before on a stationary bike, allowing the rider to burn about 20% more calories than on a traditional stationary bike."


Fayetteville Flyer

"People attending the IDEA World Fitness & Nutrition Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center follow a trainer while riding RealRyder bicycles..."

Krista Popowych, IDEA Fitness Journal

"Take indoor cycling to a new level with this new 45-minute fitness class..."

Timeout Dubai

“Power Ryders have turned getting fit into an exercise of giving raising more than $25,000 for various local charities, families, and individuals in need during 2016.."

Chuck Gibson, Community Press

When it comes to streamlining your routine, interval training is a game-changer. Here, we check out 6 interval challenges that have the power to revolutionize your approach to fitness.

New You

Leah Seacrest has been in the fitness industry for more than 24 years and has finally taken the big step of opening her own studio – Seacrest Fitness Company. “I love to see people move; and to have an outlet where I can make that happen inspires me,” says Seacrest.

Pensacola News Journal

Surge Body Fitness

"One of the newest studios on the block, Surge uses tilting Real Ryder bikes, which require you to use your core and upper body strength..."

Souplesse Cycle

"There are two things that really stand out about the class. First are the Real Ryder bikes, which are designed to move – you’ll be asked to use your core strength (and not your body weight) to tilt them left to right..."

"People attending the IDEA World Fitness & Nutrition Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center follow a trainer while riding RealRyder bicycles..."

Jessie Bekker, Las Vegas Review-Journal

"...steering side to side or holding straight and stable provides a constant balance challenge, thus instigating upper-body and core strength while increasing caloric expenditure.."

Lucia Viti, American Fitness Magazine

" offers group exercise classes and group cycling utilizing RealRyder cycles."


Mercado Fitness

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