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Tracking Performance Metrics

in Group Indoor Cycling Classes

Written by Jackie Mendes, Director, RealRyder International LLC,

NASM-CPT, ACE-GFI & Certified RealRyder Indoor Cycling Instructor

If you’re considering the integration of technology to track and display performance metrics (e.g. HR%, RPMs, *Watts, kCals) in your RealRyder® Cycling Classes, we have some good news for you! You can take your pick from a variety of popular hardware/software platforms currently on the market—because RealRyder Bikes pair seamlessly with any one of them.


Can RealRyder Bikes measure *power?” YES! “How does it work?” Talk to a RealRyder Rep now!


We recently interviewed one of our top-performing RealRyder Program Owners—Melissa Mondello from MPower Fitness in Palm Coast, Florida. MPower’s management team decided to integrate Spivi Studio® into their RealRyder Cycling Classes. Here’s what Melissa had to say… (By the way, stay tuned for more real-world examples featuring other group cycling performance systems in our next issue!)

RR: How long have you been offering RealRyder Cycling + Spivi classes? 

MM: Since June 2017, after we moved into our new facility in May 2017.


RR: What do your members seem to enjoy most about the RealRyder Bikes? 

MM: They mostly enjoy the RealRyder features such as the computer display, smooth resistance changes and authentic feel with the side-to-side movement.


RR: What do your members enjoy most about Spivi? 

MM: Our members have said they enjoy the technology of the program with the integrated heart rate and cadence monitoring. Knowing their stats pushes and motivates them to work harder with each ride. They love the competitive atmosphere that Spivi brings to the training studio. 


RR: How about the combination of RealRyder Bikes + Spivi? 

MM: The Spivi program complements the bikes so well!  Our members stay fully engaged and never get bored!  Having the simulated terrain projected in front of them allows them to use the movement feature of the bikes and brings the outdoor ride into the studio. The integrated heart rate and cadence monitoring allow the instructors to set specific class training goals and they work as a team, a true "road crew." 


RR: How often to you utilize Spivi in your Cycling Classes? 

MM: We have at least one Spivi class per day with the exception of Sundays. The RealRyder-only Classes, which exclude Spivi, are geared more for those members who prefer a more traditional indoor cycling class without having their performance measured.  The Spivi classes are definitely more desired and popular in our facility, but we like to still offer a few traditional (more music-driven) cycling classes for those members that are prone to theater-type motion sickness. Our new members who are new to RealRyder bikes usually attend this class first.


RR: Which Spivi capabilities do you use most? 

MM: Several of our instructors use the team challenges.  They also love the custom workout function and being able to change the elements on the fly! 


RR: Do you utilize Spivi's Virtual Instructor-led Classes? (either those in their library OR by using their "Workout Creator" tool to develop your own)

MM: We have only used the Spivi virtual instructor-led classes a couple of times in instances where the instructor had an emergency or was going to be significantly late due to traffic, etc.  Half of our instructors use the custom workout mode where they can just build the program on the fly during class, and the other half use the structured workout mode and create the ride profiles ahead of time using Workout Creator. 


RR: What mode is your favorite when you teach?

MM: Personally, I prefer the structured workout mode, as it is pretty much plug and play, allowing me to ride along with my students and coach them more effectively. It can be time consuming to build a 60-minute ride from start to finish.  However, once you get the hang of the software, you can customize the elements to match every beat of your music! Pretty cool.

RR: How has the Spivi system impacted your business?

MM: The Spivi virtual classes have helped our business immensely by offering our members access to valuable performance statistics in a competitive, fun and engaging environment.  They keep coming back each day working on their personal best efforts!  It has also set us apart from the other facilities in our area. No other studio around us offers this type of interactive virtual class.


RR: How do your instructors strike a balance between a focus on metrics, and making that critical personal connection with each rider in class?

MM: Ah! Great question!  Spivi totally makes this so much easier for our instructors as they get real-time feedback on exactly how much effort each of our members is putting forth.  The instructors get to know the members’ weaknesses and strengths and can coach them directly. Spivi allows you to rotate through each rider and view performance statistics, and it does it in such a way that no rider feels singled out!  The instructor can also access past workout summaries from previous classes through the Spivi website and use that info to track progress.


RR: Tell us about your room set-up and weekly schedule.

MM: We have a small studio with a 110 inch framed screen mounted in the front of the room.  We use a simple Epson Home Cinema 1080p HD projector mounted on the ceiling in the center of the studio.  We have 21 RealRyder Bikes (including the instructor) and our classes are always packed!  We run an average of two classes per day with the exception of weekend and holidays. 


RR: Is there anything else that you'd like to share about your use of the Spivi platform with RealRyder Bikes?  

MM: We love it!  It's an extremely innovative training tool in our indoor cycling studio.  It keeps our members from getting bored, helps them track training performance and set goals, and keeps them engaged.  An engaged member equals a retained member! 

Written by Jackie Mendes, Director, RealRyder International LLC, NASM-CPT, ACE-GFI & Certified RealRyder Indoor Cycling Instructor

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