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Why does RealRyder move?

When you ride a real bike, it moves with your body.  As you apply force on alternating pedals you shift your weight over that pedal. You don't even try - it's natural!

Real bikes move with you.

Stationary bikes don't.

Stationary bikes are just pedaling machines. You are exercising your legs only. Your hips and knees experience unnatural stresses.

Realryder ABF8 moves with you.

This mobility provides three important benefits:
  1. Eliminates the unnatural stresses on your body experienced on a stationary bike.
  2. Increases muscle recruitment when you hold the RealRyder in a turn.
  3. Makes riding more enjoyable by adding variety to your ride.
Fun and natural movement will incentivize you to ride more.
Instructors love it for group-cycling because the added activity of steering with a pack adds excitement and keeps the group engaged!

Increase muscle recruitment with a RealRyder.

Holding the RealRyder in a turn requires force from your core muscles and upper body. These muscle groups are not actively recruited on a stationary bike. 
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