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what we got that they don't

Benefits Overview

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The RealRyder Indoor Cycle is unlike any other stationary bike.

The articulating bike frame—exclusive to the RealRyder Bike—allows riders to move across three planes of motion. This movement better simulates the outdoor riding experience by allowing the joints to move and freely, while incorporating balance, core-engagement and total body coordination.


RealRyder Cycling Programs are evolving conventional cycling programs at health clubs, boutique studios, fee-based small group training programs, military fitness centers, colleges and more throughout 50 countries worldwide.

Unique Features & Benefits

  • Improve upper and lower body strength and coordination

  • Enhance core strength and stability

  • Promotes better balance and proprioceptive skills

  • Strengthen muscle and joint imbalances

  • Ride through an expanded range of dynamic and functional movements exclusive to the RealRyder Indoor Cycle

  • Increase caloric output compared to conventional stationary bikes

  • Steer and lean your ride safely up to 20 degrees with a robust (patented) articulating bike frame

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