Master Trainer Team

United States

Leslee Bender - Un-Stationary Bike Trainer
Casey Stutzman serves as RealRyder International's Education Manager. He has worked as a fitness professional for over 10 years. As the founder of Performance Locker, Casey has grown his passion from a point of personal interest into a driven mission to help others live the life they deserve with a body that doesn’t hold them back. He holds certifications with ACE, AFAA and FMS, TRX, and was part of the development team for the new Surge functional performance tool. Casey presents education workshops and certifications at fitness industry conferences across North America for RealRyder, FMS, TRX and Hedstrom Fitness.
Douglas Brooks - RealRyder Master Trainer
Douglas Brooks, M.S. is the Founding Director of Education and currently serves as an advisor for RealRyder® International. The former-Ironman® triathlete currently directs Athlete Conditioning for Sugar Bowl Ski Academy. Douglas was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame and has been honored by CanFitPro as the International Presenter of the Year. Coach Brooks is the author of numerous fitness education books and was the recipient of the 2014 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year Award.

Adam Reid - Stationary Cycling Trainer
Adam Reid is the Lead Master Trainer for RealRyder® International. Recognized as one of the leading indoor cycling instructors in Los Angeles, Adam certifies RealRyder® Instructors and promotes the brand at top fitness industry conferences worldwide. His teaching passion is driven by 16 years of cycling through heavy traffic and inclement weather in Manchester, London, San Francisco and New York City. Adam holds certifications with AFAA, NASM, Schwinn, Spinning® and Keiser® Indoor Cycling.

Leslee Bender - Un-Stationary Bike Trainer
Leslee Bender B.A., is a highly-respected presenter at leading fitness industry conferences worldwide. She holds certifications with CSM, NASM, ACE, and AFAA. Leslee is a Graduate of the Gray Institute for Functional Transformation (GIFT), and creator of the Bender Ball and Bender Method of Pain Free Exercise. A 2010 finalist of the IDEA Instructor of the Year Award, Leslee conducts workshops on integrated core training and injury prevention for cyclists using the tri-planar movement exclusive to the RealRyder® Indoor Cycle.

Shane Duncan - RealRyder Master Trainer
Shane Duncan, is a RealRyder® Indoor Cycling Master Trainer who leads education programs throughout the United States. A former professional Australian footballer with a lifelong involvement in sports, health education, fitness and coaching, Shane holds a degree in Sports Science and has been coaching athletics and teaching Group Fitness Classes for 20 years. His business experience includes education, marketing and business development for consumer health products, as well as launching a highly-successful boutique RealRyder Cycling Studio.

Gay Gasper - RealRyder Master Trainer
Gay Gasper is best known as "the Innovator of Creative Choreography" teaching and inspiring instructors for numerous organizations and fitness conventions around the world. She holds certifications with ACE, AFAA, AAAI, IFTA, and consults for Perform Better, Qignition and Core Transformer. She has led educational workshops for SCW Fitness Conferences for 16+ years. A trainer to celebrities and athletes alike, Gay currently trains instructors on how to develop and lead smart and creative RealRyder® Indoor Cycling classes.

Shane Duncan - RealRyder Master Trainer
Tomas Navarro, a native of Caracas Venezuela, has been an avid cyclist for 15+ years. He takes pride in growing his personal knowledge through the challenges that life offers as well as helping others improve their lives. He is passionate about outdoor sports, horses, polo, and cycling. Tomas holds certifications with Spinning®, Indo-Row®, HEAT Program and studied Specialized BG FIT Technology.

Nancy Leary-Babcock - Master Bike Instructor
Nancy Leary-Babcock has been instructing group fitness classes and serving personal training clients for 30 years. As the Owner of Local Studio Workout, Nancy is thrilled to continue helping people reach their highest potential. Nancy is a RealRyder® Master Trainer and also holds Certifications with AFAA, IDEA, SCW, Spinning®, TRX, and Level 1&2 KBA of America. Her boutique studio in Ocean City, NJ features fun and results-driven RealRyder® Indoor Cycling Classes!

Adriana Beauchamp - Indoor Cycling Instructor
Adriana Beauchamp has over ten years of experience facilitating trainings in various exercise formats. Her passion for health and fitness comes through in all of her classes, Instructor Certification Trainings and educational Workshops. Her fitness interests are in functional training, as well as high performance mental conditioning. Adriana is currently working toward completion of a Master's in Sports Psychology.

Adriane Morgan - Group Cycling Trainer
Adriane Morgan has been in the fitness industry for 15 years. As one of the earliest RealRyder® adopters, Adriane became passionate about the evolution of indoor cycling when it initially launched and she has been addicted ever since. She is proud to teach on the bikes nearly every day at Level Fitness in Maryland, where she serves as Group Fitness Director. Adriane holds Certifications with NASM, ACE, AFFA, Mad Dog Athletics Spinning®, ISSA, Power House Pilates, and is currently working toward becoming a Gyrotonics Instructor. She is proud to be part of the RealRyder® Master Trainer team.


Pablo Jacobsen - Cycling Trainer
Andy Joseph, from the UK, has been based in Dubai UAE for the last 10 years and currently is the only official Master Trainer for RealRyder® in Middle East. He draws from over 25 years experience in the Fitness Industry and is extensively involved in teaching various disciplines such as bootcamps, HIIT, and kick boxing. He has been a Les Mills RPM™ instructor for the past 7 years. He is also recognized as being one of the leading and most inspiring indoor cycling presenters in the region.

Pablo Jacobsen - Cycling Trainer
Pablo Jacobsen is a journalist and entrepreneur who operates the cutting-edge fitness training studio, Sweet Lemon, in Bogota, Colombia. He is a passionate cyclist who seeks to innovate and inspire others through a new fitness experience with the RealRyder® Indoor Cycles. As the official RealRyder® Master Trainer serving Columbia, Pablo enjoys elevating his participants’ fitness with his RealRyder® Indoor Cycling classes at Sweet Lemon.

Joao Monteiro - Indoor Cycling Instructor
João Monteiro holds a degree in Physical Education and a PhD in Fitness Direction. He currently serves as Fitness Director, Personal Trainer and Group Trainer at Kangaroo Health Clubs. João is responsible for education at Promofitness Indoor Cycling courses. He was a National Presenter for Schwinn Indoor Cycling. Currently, João leads educational workshops and Certifications for RealRyder® International in Portugal.

Evangelos Zarouchliotis - Indoor Cycling Instructor
Adamantia Papazoglou graduated from the Professional Dance Institute of Rallou Manou. She is a certified trainer for Les Mills RPM™ Indoor Cycling, Elite Choreography, Pilates, Yoga, Aqua Aerobics, Body Conditioning, and Bosu. Amanda currently serves as a Certified RealRyder® Instructor and Yoga Teacher at several clubs in Athens while leading educational workshops and Certifications for RealRyder® International in Greece.

Sergey Yarovitsyn - Cycling Instructor
Sergey Yarovitsyn has served 10+ years as Training Manager of Indoor Cycling Programs of Planet Fitness® Facilities, one of the top fitness chains in Russia. He is a respected Presenter at various International Fitness Conventions, and is a featured Fitness Academy® Teaching Instructor and Outdoor Cycling Programs Manager. Currently, Sergey leads educational workshops and Certification Trainings for RealRyder® International in Moscow, Russia.

Dmitry Vtorov - RealRyder Certification Instructor
Dmitry Vtorov has been an Indoor Cycling Trainer and Pilates Instructor for more than 10 years. Presenting at leading international fitness conferences since 2003, Dmitry serves as the Cycle Coordination Manager and Lead Pilates instructor at I Love Fitness Center in Russia. He earned his Diploma at FINEC University in Organizational Management and is the Developer of Newtone Fitness Center in Saint-Petersburg. Currently, Dmitry leads educational workshops and Certification Trainings for RealRyder® International in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Eleazar Guzman - RealRyder Master Trainer
Eleazar Guzmanis a dedicated Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. He holds Certifications in Spinning®, Reebok Cycling, Functional Training, and more. Eleazar is passionate about teaching RealRyder Classes and serves as the RealRyder® Master Trainer in his home country of Venezuela.

Stelios Papasavvas - Indoor Cycling Instructor
Stelios Papasavvas has been among the top athletes of Greece for the last decade. Passionate about extreme sports, his first contact with cycling was Downhill Biking. He is also a member of the Greek National Canoe-Kayak Team with many championships to his credit. Stelios has been a Personal Trainer, Indoor Cycling Instructor, and coach of a canoe-kayak team since 2008. He holds certifications in RealRyder® Indoor Cycling, Spinning, Purmotion Training and more. He currently serves as Club Manager at Fitness Star, one of the top gyms in Greece. Currently, Stelios leads educational workshops and Certifications for RealRyder® International in Greece.

Eleazar Guzman - RealRyder Master Trainer
Alejandro Sepulveda Pinedo is a leading fitness and mountain biking instructor in Chile. A dedicated and active sports fan, Alejandro got his start over 20 years ago in the hills of Antofagasta (in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile) and now is the CHILEBIKES Team Coach in Santiago. He teaches at several gyms, including Dmoov, one of the top fitness clubs in the country. Alejandro holds certifications in Procycling, Bodypump, RippingStep, Purmotion International, Spinning®, Functional Training International Certification (ASA Chile) and many more. Today he leads Certifications in Chile as a RealRyder® Master Trainer.