RealRyder® ABF8 Testimonials

"At Sweat Therapy Fitness, we always say there is no such thing as a magic fitness pill. But in the world of indoor cycling, the RealRyder just may be that! As first time business owners we are thrilled our RealRyder classes are packed. There is not a day that goes by that clients don’t share their successes and milestones achieved with this great piece of equipment. Sweat Therapy Fitness is proud to have the BEST indoor cycles in Tallahassee! Without the RealRyder Cycles, we don't believe we would be as successful as we are. Out of everything that we offer, the RealRyder classes are the most popular. Thanks RealRyder for all you do. "

Kim and Brian Bibeau

Owners, Sweat Therapy

Tallahassee, FL

"The past year has been so unreal for me and the catalyst to all of that was making the choice to go with ReaRyder. I am so indebted to you guys for creating such an amazing product that I am proud to ryde each class. There is no way that choosing a regular Spinning® bike would have created the same success or contagious energy that my RealRyders have."

Lisa Wisentaner

Owner, Nantucket Cycling Studio


"Indoor Cycling instructors from as far as 80 miles away come here to ride and experience the unique features of the RealRyder. The RealRyder indoor bikes have given a huge boost to our group fitness program. It is exciting to see our members enjoying the cycling classes!"

Craig Bontrager

Director, Burkley Wellness Center

Fairbury, Nebraska

"The response has been very favorable, whether from someone new to cycling or one of our veteran cycling instructors. Without question, the most frequently mentioned comment was that the RealRyder had the feel of an outdoor bicycle where balance, coordination and core strength play an important role. I see the RealRyder as being a mainstay in fitness facilities and a great compliment to traditional indoor bikes."

Gary Horn

Fitness Program Coordinator, PepsiCo

Plano, Texas

"As a triathlete, fitting in three sports can be tough. I can't always get out on the road, but I love the feeling I get from cycling outdoors. The RealRyder is much more comfortable than rollers and it really feels like a road workout. This bike is ideal for the triathlete and I recommend it to anyone who can't fit in their outdoor cycling workouts."

Mitch Thrower

17x Ironman triathlete, Owner of Quantum Interactive and New Media Officer and Strategist of Competitor Group

La Jolla, California

"I just wanted to let you know that I have taught about 6 RealRyder classes since the Certication Training and as you can guess, the bikes are a BIG hit! I am having so much fun teaching on them. It is a pleasure to sit in a "ryde" class and watch the participants laugh and smile. I never had that in my Spin® classes. The "coolest" thing as an instructor is watching the whole class make those amazing turns. It is way more fun than I expected. I have also noticed that I am actually riding stronger on my mountain bike after taking and teaching classes on the RealRyder. Thanks!"

Susan Lynch

Indoor Cycling Instructor


"Mi Gym caters to an interesting crowd, including many of the world's best kite boarders, kite surfers, laser sailors, the reigning national champion MMA fighter and many other former professional athletes. We originally purchased a variety of bikes, but have since eliminated all but the 10 RealRyders and two Lemond bikes. It is almost humorous to me that we cannot get anyone to ride the Lemond bikes, and when they call to reserve class ALWAYS ask if there are RealRyders available. Mi Gym is working towards adding more RealRyder bikes and wish that we would have known then what we know now. The RealRyder is easier on the low back, involves more muscle groups and is much more entertaining to ride. Our clients love it - we get comments daily about its innovative style and ride. Top quality product, low maintenance and strong parts."

Steven Bowcutt

Owner, Mi Gym

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

"All indoor cycle enthusiasts, whether the "loner" rider or class participants, owe your team a tremendous "thank you" for having the awareness that this innovative product was a necessary progression geared to those indoor cyclists who have come to accept the current stable bikes as the standard to be used for indoor cycle training. Your innovative concepts have resulted in an intelligent, fun, credible (based on the mechanics of core and resistant, to name a few) training principles, and certainly rivals the present day stationary bike options."

Ann Kaufhold

Instructor, Motivation Fitness

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania