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RealRyder Indoor Cycle

"The first time I took a thoughtful look at a stationary bike—over 30 years ago—I knew that there was something missing. Something huge. Something so huge I couldn't believe it had been left out. I was just a kid at the time but I knew that the most important single element to riding a bike didn't exist on this contraption in front of me. How are they even allowed to call this thing a stationary bike, I wondered? There's no riding. There's no steering. There's no balancing... Pedaling? Uhm, okay... it's a start, I guess... but really? That's it? A PEDALING CONTRAPTION?

Over the decades I took note of the so-called improvements, and the so-called innovations, I paid close attention to the alleged evolution of the stationary bike. In the end I still saw nothing more than a pedaling contraption—a static, non-reactive, sawhorse with handlebars and pedals, but no movement. Lots of distractions have been added, and to be fair, some of them have actual merit, but no real attention has been given to the cycling element, the RIDING element. I became increasingly amazed—and irritated—that nobody in the equipment-making industry seemed to see what I saw.

So I set out to give it a go—to do the obvious—to make the stationary bike more like a bike.

The goal was, well, by now you know what the goal was: Forget the bells, the whistles—all the distractions that have passed for improvements over the decades—I wanted to redefine what a stationary bike's purpose is and make it fundamentally better suited to that purpose.

Within a year of establishing the goal the first RealRyder prototype was in my garage (and I was, quite possibly, the happiest cyclist on the planet). Within two years RealRyder debuted at our first equipment trade show with a small one-off fleet of our manufactured beta-production model. Two and a half years after the goal was established we had the RealRyder ABF8 indoor cycle in production—and we were finally, FINALLY! RIDING A BIKE—inside!

That's the story. And it's only just begun. Welcome to our website. Welcome to the RealRyder state of mind. Here at RealRyder it's about the bike, it's all about the bike." [CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE REALRYDER BIKE]

-Colin Irving, CEO & Inventor of the RealRyder® ABF8 Indoor Cycle